Hybrid Bronzing & Red light Therapy/ Collagen Boosting Bed

Hybrid Beds are a mixed of bronzing-lamps & red light therapy collagen boosting lamps.

*Does the fear of wrinkles and premature aging of your skin keep you away from using sunbeds?

In that case red light therapy tanning is for you.

The new hybrid technology for indoor tanning will not only prevent new wrinkles, but also reduce existing.

With both Bronzing- and Red Light Therapy lamps, give you a soft, gentle, tan as well as vitamin D while the red light re-builds collagen and rejuvenates your skin.

Benefits of Red light Therapy:

Rejuvenates skin & smooths skin tone, builds collagen, helps fade scared & stretchmarks, beneficial for eczema, rosacea & Acne. Improves circulation & better immune function and helps with chronic joint pain.

Benefits of Bronzing Bulbs:

Bronzing bulbs or different then regular tanning Bulbs. Bronzing bulbs are cosmetic so it only goes surface level, giving you an immediate bronzing affect with no burn. Regular tanning bulbs can burn and go deep into the skin producing melanin. With bronzing bulbs you’ll get your dose of vitamin D as well as a soft & gentle golden tan.